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Switch Center - SNMP Network Management Monitor

Network nodes usernames discovery

By default, Switch Center is not query network nodes, only SNMP network devices. This kind of configuration keeps network resources and management traffic as low as possible. However, there may be need to collect extra information about network nodes and their current logged user names. User names scanner can provide information about each network node current logged users. The collected information can be viewed on the Nodes Monitor screen, by selecting specific node and viewing its details.

These are the required settings to enable usernames discovery scanner:
1. From the main menu select the Monitor screen and click on the Scan Options icon.
2. From the Scan Options section, enable Scan user names and click over it.
3. Select the preferred administration account of your network.
4. Select the exclude tab if you like to exclude specific user names.
4. Click the OK button to save your preferred settings.

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